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Highland Challenge
Competition 3
Competition 4

As part of the annual programme the Club runs six Competitions on a variety of set subjects.
Up to 4 slides or 4 prints on the named subject may be entered by each member for each round.
At least 2 entries in each round must have been taken within the last 2 years.

Competition Date/Subject
Comp No  Submission Date Theme
Highland Challenge 12th October Open
1  15th October Pictures taken during the summer club outings
2  19th November Landscape/Seascape/Skyscape
3 21st January  Caithness in Winter
4  4th February Portrait
5  17th March Flora and Fauna
6  21st April Open

Competition Results
Title Date First
(5 points)
(3 points)
(1 point)
Comp 1 - Autumn Competition 15th October Colin Gregory =
John Carter =
  James Gunn
Comp 2 - Landscape/Seascape/Skyscape 19th November Colin Gregory Neil Buchan Martina Cross
Comp 3 - Caithness in Winter 21st January James Gunn Neil Buchan James Gunn =
Sandy MacGregor =
Comp 4 - Portrait 05th February Neil Buchan Malcolm Gray James Gunn
Comp 5 - Flora & Fauna 17th March Martina Cross Duncan McLachlan Duncan McLachlan


League Table

Name Points
Neil Buchan 11
Colin Gregory 10
James Gunn 8
Martina Cross 6
John Carter 5
Duncan McLachlan 4
Malcolm Gray 3
Sandy MacGregor 1



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